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A Trend Towards AI-driven Medicine

AI driven medicine is a new way
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AI-driven medicine is a new way of thinking about health care that takes into account each person’s unique genetic makeup, lifestyle, and environment. By collecting this diverse range of data from patients, doctors are able to get a more detailed picture of each individual’s health. This allows them to tailor treatments specifically to the needs of each patient, which leads to them having better health outcomes.  

Advances in AI-driven medicine began to dramatically increase in the late 20th century as researchers began to understand the inherent limitations of using group data to guide treatment decisions. The greatest limitation being that research studies do not to account for patient heterogeneity. Thus, by tailoring a treatment to the unique needs of each individual as opposed to a group of individuals, it is more effective. AI driven medicine determines state of health by analyzing written symptom information, and other metrics such as photographs and recordings.

Although the positive impacts of AI-driven medicine is being recognized globally, there is much research that needs to be done in order to fully understand its potential. What we know for certain is that AI-driven medicine is the new frontier in healthcare delivery.

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