Combatting Health Disparities

As AI-driven medicine becomes more widespread, access to quality care will increase for all. Health disparities can occur due to nonclinical contributors to health, including race, ethnicity, gender, societal stresses, and finances; these make up the social determinants of health (SDH).

Data related to these SDH have not been regularly collected by health providers and health systems. However, by using AI-driven techniques for data collection and use, we can determine the causes for health disparities and progress towards greater health equity (Wilkins et al., 2021). Alongside using AI-driven medicine to inform change within the system, it can be directly implemented to provide better quality care in under-served communities by improving accessibility to care.

Our platform, AI-MD, is designed to improve as we collect and analyze more data. It will be able to provide more accurate results as the system will have access to your previous tests and will therefore, be better tailored to you. Our all-in-one dashboard will have a comprehensive view of your visit history, previous results, and personalized recommendations which you can show your healthcare provider to better advocate for your needs. AI-MD generates recommendations according to your written symptom information, and other metrics such as photographs and recordings.

AI-MD: AI-Driven Symptom Checker to Detect Disease and MonitorĀ Health

Using photos, videos, audio and text, we use advanced AI to detect the presence and severity of health conditions and monitor your bio-metrics and vitalĀ statistics.